Are you on track for your retirement goals?

Use our retirement calculator to find out and help you make the adjustments you need.

Our Assumptions
  • The average life expectancy of a Singaporean is taken as 83 years old
  • All values are represented in SGD
  • Average expenses during retirement are based on the country of residence during retirement


I am years old.

I plan to retire in

when I am years old.

Currently, each month I am earning


I expect my income to increase by % per year until I am years old.

My monthly living expense is


and my monthly loan / mortgage payment is


Retirement income

I expect to receive approximately

S$ 0

in cash per month when I retire, including CPF, investment accounts and others.

Generally, one can expect to receive a Basic Payout of S$650 to S$700 per month for life from age 65, if they set aside the Basic Retirement Sum of S$80,500 as a premium for CPF LIFE.

My Results

Based on our calculations...

Upon retirement, you would have savings of .
You will also receive as monthly additional income.
With this, you would have an estimated per month to spend while you are retired.
Your average monthly retirement expenses in is estimated at .